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Prince's Covert

Latest Woodlands AvailablePosted by enquiries Mon, December 14, 2015 15:47
Dan West
Email Address
Telephone Number
Name of Woodland
Prince's Coverts
OS Grid Ref Number for Woodland
TQ 15976 61059
Woodland resides in the Parish of
In the County of
Total approximate area of woodland owned
300 hectares
Total approximate area of woodland available for cutting
35 hectares
What best describes the overall woodland make up?
Coppice with Standards
Main coppice species present
Sweet Chestnut
most of which has recently been brought back into rotation.
Main standard species present
Oak (robur and cerris)
Sweet Chestnut
Timber quality
in rotation
Access quality
easy access off main road (fairoak lane)
Ride quality
good network of internal rides servies all coppice compartments
The woodland has in place
A Woodland Management Plan, A Felling License
Any other comments that maybe useful?
Currently I am looking for someone who would be prepared to manage the coppice long term. I would be happy to enter an agreement whereby the coppice worker would be entitled to cut and remove pre-agreed coppice product in return for small scale maintenance to the surrounding woodland rides and access gates.

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